OSSSC nursing officer exam Solved question paper

The OSSSC released a Notification to Recruit 6432 Nursing Officers under pay scale of 29,200 – 92,300. The Last date for applying online is given in OSSSC Official Notification. The candidate going to attend the OSSSC Nursing Officer Examination are started search previous Question Papers of OSSSC Staff Nurse/ Nursing Officer Recruitment Examination. The Model Question Papers of OSSSC Staff Nurse/ Nursing Officer Recruitment Examination is published here.

Q. No. 1.    Orthostatic hypotension means

(a)    BP less than 100/60 mm of Hg

(b)    A significant drop in BP after an upright position is assumed

(c)    A significant drop in BP after lying position is assumed

(d)    A constant low level of diastolic BP <60 mmHg for more than 3 days

Q. No. 2.    During administration of enema, if the client complains of intestinal cramps, the nurse should

(a)    Discontinue the procedure

(b)    Stop until cramps are relieved

(c)    Give it at a slow rate

(d)    Lower the height of the container

Q. No. 3.    During    aginal    attack,    nitroglycorine    is administered via

(a)    Intravenous route

(b)    Subcutaneous

(c)    Intra muscular

(d)    Sub lingual

Q. No. 4.    Following a total hip replacement surgery, operated by should be positioned with

(a)    Abduction and extension

(b)    Abduction and flexion

(c)    Adduction and flexion

(d)    Adduction and extension

Q. No. 5.    While administering enema the height of enema can should be

(a)    20 cm    (b)    25 cm

(c)    40 cm    (d)    45 cm

Q. No. 6.    A nurse is assessing a group of clients regarding the possibility for cervical cancer. Which of the following, that the nurse should keep in mind as a risk factor for developing cervical cancer?

(a)    Human papilloma virus infection

(b)    Cigarette smoking

(c)    Pregnancy before the age of 17

(d)    All the above

Q. No. 7.    A client diagnosed with gastric cancer is posted for surgical procedure of Billroth II. The nurse should explain. The client that this procedure involves anastamosis between

(a)    Stomach and duodenam

(b)    Stomach and ileum

(c)    Stomach and jejunum

(d)    Pancreas and jejunum

Q. No. 8.    A nurse is caring for a patient who has undergone TURP. Which of the following finding is abnormal posoperatively so that the nurse should notify physician?

(a)    Presence of blood in urine

(b)    Dribbling of urine

(c)    Nausea and vomiting

(d)    Pain due to bladder spasm

Q. No. 9.    The nurse is reviewing the laboratory results of a client diagnosed with multiple myeloma which of the following would the nurse expect to note specifically in this disorder?

(a)    Increased calcium level

(b)    Decreased WBC level

(c)    Decreased blood urea nitrogen level

(d)    Decreased number of plasma cells in the bone marrow

Q. No. 10    A nurse is examining a client with systemic lupus erythmatosus (SLE). Which of the following symptoms would the nurse expect?

(a)    Butterfly rash, edema, hypothermia

(b)    Butterfly rash, fatigue, diarrhoea

(c)    Proteinuria, fatigue, butterfly rash

(d)    Weight gain, fatigue, edema

Q. No. 11.    A client visiting a nursing care unit have the physical features like truncal obesity with thin extrimities, moon face and buffalo hump in the back. On laborary examination of electrolytes it is noted that there is hypernatremia and hypocalcemia. The client may suffer from

(a)    Cushing’s disease

(b)    Addison’s disease

(c)    Pheochromocytoma

(d)    Diabetes insipidus

Q. No. 12.    The insulin preparation which is safe for administering intravenously is

(a)    Regular human insulin

(b)    NPH human insulin

(c)    Insulin detemis

(d)    Insulin glargine

Q. No. 13.    A nurse is caring for a client with diagnosis of chronic gastritis. The nurse monitors for which of the following vitamin deficiency?

(a)    Vitamin B6    (b) Vitamin B12

(c)   Vitamin K    (d) Vitamin E

Q. No. 14.    The    client    has    undergone esophagogastroduodenoscopy. As a part of post procedure care, the nurse should consider which of the following as highest priority?

(a)    Monitoring the temperature

(b)    Giving warm gargles

(c)    Assessing the bowel movements

(d)    Assessing for the return of gag reflex

Q. No. 15.    A patient is received in the emergency department followed by blunt injury to chest wall. Which of the following signs indicate the presence of pneumothorax in the client?

(a)    Decreased respiratory rate

(b)    Diminished breath sounds

(c)    The presence of barrel chest

(d)    A sucking sound at the site of injury

Q. No. 16.    Painless late pregnancy bleeding which can occur during rest or activity, suddenly and without any warning is a classic sign of

(a)    Abruptio placentae

(b)    Placenta previa

(c)    Hydatidiform mole

(d)    Chorio-amnionitis

Q. No. 17.    A client with 32 weeks of pregnancy is admitted because of painless vaginal bleeding followed by fetal brady cardia. On reviewing  the  previous examination findings, the nurse notes that there is velamentous insertion of umbilical cord. The nurse suspects which of the following?

(a)    Abruptio placentae

(b)    Preedampsia

(c)    Vasa previa

(d)    Placenta previa

Q. No. 18.    Methods that are commonly used for induction of labor include all the following, except

(a)    Amniotomy

(b)    Oxytocin

(c)    Prostaglandin E2

(d)    Methotrexate

Q. No. 19.    Herniation of the pouch of douglas containing small bowel into the vaginal lumen is known as

(a)    Cystocele    (b)    Rectocele

(c)    Enterocele    (d)    Hydrocele


Q. No. 20.    Vaginal pessary is a temporary treatment measure for

(a)    Endometriosis    (b)    Uterine prolapse

(c)    Dysmenorrhoea   (d)    Ruptured uterus

Answers for the above OSSSC Nursing Officer recruitment Exam Model Questions

1 B

2 B

3 D

4 A

5 D

6 D

7 C

8 C

9 A

10 C 

11 A

12 A

13 B

14 D

15 B

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OSSSC nursing officer exam Solved question paper