AIIMS staff nurse previous year question paper with solution pdf

AIIMS staff nurse previous year question paper with answers pblished here on request of those nurses appearing upcoming AIIMS Staff Nurse Exam. We are recieving many messages that to upload the old question papers of AIIMS Staff Nurse/ Nursing Officer Recruitment exam. You can also visit our sister website for more Nursing question Answers in Pdf. format

Q# 1. You are working with a client who is on a full liquid diet. The client
is demanding some ice cream. Which of the following responses on your
part would be best?
A. Tell the client that ice cream is not allowed on a full liquid diet.
B. Call the physician and report the client’s demands.
C. Get the client some plain vanilla ice cream.
D. Ask the supervising nurse to talk with the client.
Ans: C

Q# 2 -The doctor is preparing to remove chest tubes from the client's left chest. In preparation for the removal, the nurse should instruct the client to:
A. Breathe normally
B. Hold his breath and bear down
C. Take a deep breath
D. Sneeze on command

Q# 3. When giving a client a diagnosis of acute pain, the nurse “using
NANDA diagnostic categories” will use this diagnosis only when the pain
last no longer than which of the following lengths of time?
A. 3 days
B. 2 weeks
C. 1 month
D. 6 months
Ans: D

Q# 4: The physician has ordered atropine sulfate 0.4mg IM before surgery. The medication is supplied in 0.8mg per milliliter. The nurse should administer how many milliliters of the medication?
A. 0.25mL
B 0.5mL
C. 1mL
D. 1.25mL

Q# 5. The nurse finds that a newborn has a mean systolic pressure of 75
mmHg. How would this blood pressure be best described?
A. Normal
B. slightly low
C. very low
D. slightly high
Ans: A

AIIMS staff nurse previous year question paper with solution pdf
Q# 6 A 4-year-old male is admitted to the unit with nephotic syndrome. He is extremely edematous. To decrease the discomfort associated with scrotal edema, the nurse should:
A. Apply ice to the scrotum
B.Apply heat to the abdominal area
C. Administer a diuretic
D. Elevate the scrotum on a small pillow

Q# 7. A nurse getting report at the beginning of shift learns that an
assigned client has hyperpyrexia. The nurse realizes that this client is
experiencing which of the following signs or symptoms?
A. extreme bleeding of the gums
B. a very high fever, such as 41°C or 105.8°F
C. waxy flexibility of the muscles
D. third-degree burns over much of the body
Ans: B

Q# 8. The client is admitted with thrombophlebitis and an order for heparin. The medication should be administered using:
A. Buretrol
B. A tuberculin syringe
C. Intravenous controller
D. Three-way stop-cock

Q# 9. The lowest level of needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is which of
the following?
A. safety and security needs
B. love and belonging needs
C. physiologic needs
D. self-esteem needs
Ans: C

Q# 10. A patient has a complicated post-operative course after surgery for diverticulitis and is sent to a nursing home for further recovery. There is swelling, redness, and increased warmth of the left calf. The patient states that it is tender to touch. Which of the following tests would be most least appropriate?
A. D-dimer
B. Homan test
C. Doppler ultrasound
D. Venogram