PGIMER previous year question papers pdf

PGIMER previous year question papers pdf

PGIMER Recruit Nurses Every Year, there will be written Examination/ Online Computerised test for selecting the right candidate by PGIMER. Referring previous examination Question papers help yu to prepare well for upcoming examination. The Nursing Officer/ Staff Nurse/ Research Assistant posts Selection will be done after the Competative Examination (Computer Based Test) on Merit Basis. The Model Questions for Preparing the Nursing Staff Recruitment Computer Based Test is published below. You can also go throgh other Commission Recruitment Examinations question papers to gain more knowledge. Railway Staff Nurse Exam, AIIMS Nursing Officer Exam, OSSSC nursing officer Exam, PGIMER Nurses Recruitment Exam Railway Staff Nurse Recruitment Examination Question Papers may be helpful for preparing the Computer Based Test for Staff Nurses Recruitment by PGIMER

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Question No. 40181. MTP can be done up to:

a 12 weeks b 16 weeks

c 20 weeks d 10 weeks

Answer : A or C


Question No. 40182.Sharp instruments are sterilized under

a Dry heat b Boiling 

c Fumigation d Radiation

Answer : A

PGIMER previous year question papers pdf

Question No. 40183. The diluent used for reconstituting BCG vaccine is

(a) normal saline (b) distilled water

(c) dextrose (d) none of the above

Answer : A


Question No. 40184. Reconstituted BCG vaccine should be used with in

(a) 3 hours (b) 6 hours

(c) 18 hours (d) 24 hours

Answer : B


Question No. 40185. The age for BCG vaccination is recommended at

(a) birth or at 6th week (b) only 6th week

(c) 6-8 weeks (d) within 1 year

Answer : A

Question No. 40186. At the village level sputum for AFB is collected and fixed by

(a) anganwadi worker (b) village health guide

(c) health worker male (d) health worker female

Answer : A


Question No. 40187. Source of most polio infections are

(a) clinical cases (b) sub clinical cases

(c) carrier (d) both (b)&(c)

Answer : C


Question No. 40188.Which of the following Fontanel in child is the first to close?

a Frontal b Occipital

c Sphenoid d Mastoid

Answer : B


Question No. 40189.Fish is the source of all expcet?

a Iron b Iodine

c vitamin d phosphorus

Answer : A


Question No. 40190. Risk factors for development of paralytic polio include

(a) IM injections (b) Tonsillectomy

(c) DPT (d) all of the above

Answer : D 

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