Nursing Exam Questions with Answer

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Q. No.1 . Which of the follow ing disease is characterized by muscular rigidity locked jaw. risus sardonicus and opisthotonus :
a. Meningitis
b. Dengue
c. Tetanus
d. Malaria

Q. No.2. All are malignant tumour of the skin except
a. Rodent ulcer
b. Melanoma
c. Squamous cell carcinoma
d. Papilloma

Q. No.3. Which of the following diseases is not transmitted by blood transfusion?
a. Hepatitis B virus
b. Creutz feldt Jacob disease
c. HIV virus
d. Hepatitis C virus

Q. No.4. In which of the following conditions, intercostals tube insertion is needed?

a. Pneumonia
b. Hydatid cyst of the Lung
c. Pyothorax
d. Teratoma

Q. No.5. Which of the following drug is not used in management of shock?

a. Sildenafil
b. Dopamine
c. Adrenaline
d. Noradrenalin

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