SAIL Previous Year Question Paper pdf with Answers

SAIL Previous Year Question Paper pdf with Answers

Every year Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) recruit Nurses to work in steel plants as Nurse, The Recruitment process include written/ online examination to select the candidate on merit. So Candidates appearing the examination keep on searching previous year question papers with answers of staff nurse Exam. To help these candidates appearing upcoming SAIL exam we published Model Question Answers and  Previous Year Question Paper pdf with Answers

Question No. *1. Hemophilia B is due to deficiency of factor:

a. X
b. IX
c. VII

Question No. *2. The teaching directed towards creating/promoting an interest in learning is known as .'

A) Principle of creativity 

B) Principle of motivation
C) Principle of training
D) Principle of reinforcement

Question No. *3. Which of the following organisms is protozoan ?
b. Entamoeba Histolytica
c. Taenia Pedis
d. Camphylobacter

Question No. *4. A 26-year old multigravida is 14 weeks’ pregnant and is scheduled for an alpha- fetoprotein test. She asks the nurse, “What does the alpha-fetoprotein test indicate?” The nurse bases a response on the knowledge that this test can detect:
a. Cardiac defects
b. Kidney defects
c. Musculoskeletal defect
d. Neural tube defects

Question No. *5. Which ofthe following ions is dominant inside the cell ?
a. Na+ Sodium ion
b. K+ Potassium ion
c. Ca+ Calcium ion
d. Magnesium ion

Question No. *6. Which of the following hormone is not secreted from anterior lobe of pituitary gland?
a. Growth hormone
b. Throtropic hormone
c. Gonadotropic hormone
d. Antidiuretic hormone

Question No. *7. For elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy, hair should be removed.

a. A day before surgery                                                 
b. Night before surgery
c. Morning of surgery
d. Just before surgery

Question No. *8. The Drugs used in schizophrenia are
1. Tab. Olanzapine
2. Tab. Risperidone
3. Tab. Imipramine
4. Tab. Clozapine

Question No. *9. Which electrolyte is not properly matched with its normal range?

a. Na+ 135-145meq/l
b. K+ 2.5-3.5meq/l
c. Bicarbonate 22-27meq/l
d. Chloride 100meq/l

Question No. *10 Theory X and Theory Y was proposed by :
a. Wiliium Ouchi
b. Douglas McGregor
c. F W Taylor
d. Mary’ Follett

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SAIL Previous Year Question Paper pdf with Answers


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