NCLEX questions answers 2021

NCLEX questions answers 2021
The model questions with answers for NCLEX exam is published here. these questions are repeated in NCLEX Exam. Previous year NCLEX Question Answers available at 

Question No 1. A female teen client has iron-deficiency anemia. The nurse instructs her to take the prescribed oral iron supplement with
plain water.
whole milk.
orange juice.
ginger ale.

Question No 2.    The host in which a parasite attains maturity or passes sexual stage is known as
(a)    Definitive host    
(b)    Intermediate host
(c)    Incidental host    
(d)    Index case

Question No 3. Which is the embryonic stage of pregnancy?
Weeks 1–12
Weeks 1–2
Weeks 6–10
Weeks 3–8

Question No 4..    Following are the causes of behavior problems among children except
(a)    Parental factors
(b)    Social relationship
(c)    Family environment
(d)    Physical health

Question No 5. When a pregnant client complains of constipation, which intervention should the nurse offer?
Stop taking prenatal vitamins for a month.
Add more fruits and vegetables to the diet.
Increase yogurt and cheese consumption.
Take a gentle over-the-counter laxative.

Question No 6..    Immediate nursing action after rupture of membrane is to
(a)    Listen to FHS
(b)    Call the doctor
(c)    Observe contraction
(d)    Take blood pressure

Question No 7. A client with atrial fibrillation (Afib) is receiving instruction on using an electric razor for shaving. Which statement by the client shows the BEST understanding of the practice?
"An electric razor is easier to disinfect."
"Straight-edge razors can carry bacteria."
"A cut could lead to serious infection."
"I need to avoid any cuts when I'm shaving."

Question No 8.    Cretinism occurs as a result of
(a)    Hypothyroidism
(b)    Hyperthyroidism
(c)    Hyperparathyroidism
(d)    Hypoparathyroidism

Question No 9. An eight-year-old girl has been diagnosed with leukemia. According to Erickson, what is the developmental task for this age?
Identity formation and sense of self
Productivity and concern for others
Self-control and will power
Self-confidence and competency

Question No 10.    Delusion is not present in
(a)    Mania
(b)    Delirium
(c)    Depression
(d)    Compulsive disorder

NCLEX questions answers 2021