Useful Terminologies for AIIMS Nursing Officer/ Staff Nurse Exam

The following are the Medical/ Nursing Terminolgies, in  most of the AIIMS Nursing Officer/ Staff Nurse Exam QUestion Papers the the questions prepared using folloiwng terminologies. Going through this may help the nursing candidates for preparing Examination conducted online. You can also refer the Previous Question papers uploaded at
  1. Thyroidectomy - Excision of the thyroid gland
  2. Arthritis - Inflammation of a joint
  3. Bronchitis - Inflammation of the bronchi
  4. Carditis - Inflammation of the heart
  5. Cervicitis - Inflammation of the cervix
  6. Gastritis - Inflammation of the stomach
  7. Anaemia - Deficiency of haemoglobin in the blood
  8. Analgesic - Medicine which alleviates pain
  9. Arthralgia - Pain in a joint
  10. Cephalalgia - Headache
  11. Pyoderma - Skin infection with pus formation
  12. Leucoderma -Defective skin pigmentation
  13. Hysterodynia - Pain in the uterus
  14. Cholecystectomy - Excision of gall bladder
  15. Glossitis - Inflammation of the tongue
  16. Hepatitis - Inflammation of the liver
  17. Laryngitis - Inflammation of the larynx
  18. Metritis - Inflammation of the uterus
  19. Osteomalacia - Softening of bones through deficiency of calcium or D vitamin
  20. Adenoma -Benign tumour of glandular tissue
  21. Myoma - Tumour of muscle
  22. Diplopia - Double vision
  23. Thrombosis - Formation of a blood clot
  24. Myelitis - Inflammation of the spinal cord
  25. Nephritis - Inflammation of the kidney
  26. Nephrolithiasis - Stone in the kidney
  27. Pyloromyotomy - Incision of the pyloric sphincter muscle
  28. Hydrophobia - Fear of water(Rabies in humans)
  29. Neuroplasty- Surgical repair of nerves
  30. Pyloraplasty -Incision of the plastic pylorus to widen the passage
  31. Hemiplegia - Paralysis of one side of the body
  32. Nephroptosis - Downward displacement of the kidney
  33. Haemorrhage- Escape of blood from a vessel
  34. Arrhythmia -Any deviation of the normal rhythm of the heart
  35. Cholestasis - Diminution in the flow of bile
  36. Haemostasis - Arrest of bleeding
  37. Neurasthenia - Nervous debility
  38. Cystostomy - Surgical opening made into the bladder
  39. Cystotomy - Incision into the urinary bladder
Useful Terminologies for AIIMS Nursing Officer Staff Nurse Exam
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