Chhattisgarh staff nurse exam solved question paper -2021

Chhattisgarh staff nurse exam solved question paper-2021

Solved Question Papers of Staff Nurse Exam Sl. No 1 to 12

Question No.1.    Typhoid fever is transmitted through
(a)    Droplet infection
(b)    Feco-oral route
(c)    Direct contact

(d)    Vectors-mosquito

Question No.2.    A client with type I DM is admitted to the emergency department. Which of the following respiratory patterns require immediate action?
(a)    Deep, rapid respirations with long expirations
(b)    Shallow respirations with long expirations
(c)    Regular depth of respirations  with frequent pauses
(d)    Short inspirations and expirations

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Question No.3.    Which of the following is not an oncological emergency?
(a)    Superior venacava syndrome
(b)    Hypercalcemia
(c)    Cardiomyopathy
(d)    Spinal cord compression

Question No.4.    Which of the following is correct regarding vital capacity?
(a)    VC=TV+IRV+ERV
(b)    VC=TV+IC+RV
(c)    VC=TV+IRV+RV
(d)    VC=TV+IRV+EC

Chhattisgarh staff nurse exam solved question paper -2021

Question No.5.    A client with ovarian cancer is being treated with vincristine. Which of the following indicate a side effect specific to this medication?
(a)    Diarrhoea
(b)    Hair loss
(c)    Chest pain
(d)    Numbness and tingling in the fingers and toes

Question No.6.    Which of the following is not an antitumor antibiotic medication?
(a)    Chlorambucil    (b)    Bleomycin
(c)    Doxorubicin    (d)    Mitomycin

Question No.7.    Menghini needle is used for
(a)    Thoracentesis
(b)    Renal biopsy
(c)    Liver biopsy
(d)    Lumbar puncture

Question No.8    Planned educational activities provided in a job setting is called as
(a)    Continuing education
(b)    In service education
(c)    Job description
(d)    Job analysis

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Question No.9.    Most part of the heat loss from the body occurs through
(a)    Lungs    (b)    Skin
(c)    Kidney    (d)    Brain
Question No.10.    Trachea devides into two bronchi at the level of
(a)    T6    (b)    C6
(c)    T5    (d)    T4

Question No.11.    Total number of intercostals muscles are
(a)    7 pairs    (b)    11 pairs
(c)    12 pairs    (d)    24 pairs

Question No.12.    Ejaculatory duct in male reproductive system is formed by
(a)    Seminiferous tubule and vas deference
(b)    Epididymis and vas deference
(c)    Tabule of seminal vescicle and vas deference
(d)    Epididymis and seminal vescicle

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 Answer for the above Questions

Question No. 1 Option: B
Question No. 2 Option: A
Question No. 3 Option: C
Question No. 4 Option: A   
Question No. 5 Option:  D
Question No. 6 Option: A
Question No. 8 Option: B 
Question No. 9 Option:  B  
Question No. 10 Option: C  
Question No. 11 Option: B 
Question No. 12 Option: C  
Question No. 7 Option: C

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