AIIMS Nursing Officer Previous Question Papers with Answers PDF

All India Institute of Medical Sciences conduct Recruitment Examinations for Selecting competent Nursing candidate to work in AIIMS Institutions. The applied candidates for the post of Nursing officer post in AIIMS start searching Question Answers in google, but every time they search Question Papers will appear in pdf format too, but all question papers may not get in Top results, So we reach our Nursing candidates through our website/ page. Here we published AIIMS Nursing Officer Previous Question Papers with Answers in PDF format. You can download the Question Answers in pdf. format. These Questions repeated in ESIC Nursing Examination, RRB Nursing Exams too

1.    A nurse can decontaminate the HIV contaminated waste products with all of the following, except
(a)    Formal dehyde
(b)    Methanol
(c)    Gluteral dehyde
(d)    Sodium hypochlorite

2.    A nurse is about to catheterize bladder of a 45 year old woman. The nurse should be aware that all the following facts about female urethra are true, except
(a)    It is about 1.5 inches in length
(b)    It is posterior to the vaginal orifice
(c)    It pierces through urogenital diaphragm
(d)    It is straight and offers minor resistance for catheterisation
3.    Physician wants control venous catheterization in a client. The nurse has to know which vein should be make use of
(a)    Radial vein    (b) Femoral vein
(c)   Basilic vein    (d) Cephalic vein
4.    What is the best way to be adapted by a nurse to avoid hematoma formation when performing venipuncture?
(a)    Choose a vein that is soft and refills fast
(b)    Tap the vein hard before vein puncture
(c)    Apply firm pressure for 1 minute after procedure
(d)    Apply heparin containing ointment after procedure
5.    Nurse giving oxygen therapy should know that it has to be humidified because
(a)    Oxygen is a hot air and it may burn trachea
(b)    Oxygen is a dry gas and thickens the mucous
(c)    Oxygen gets cleaned at from pathogens by humidification
(d)    Oxygen is easily absorbed because of humidification
6.    While recording the intake and output nurse has to consider insensible water loss from human body and the normal value is
(a)   200 ml    (b) 400 ml
(c)   800 ml    (d) 1000 ml
7.    A nurse must be aware that eating maize alone way lead to
(a)    Beri Beri    (b) Pellagra
(c)   Scurvey    (d) Phrynoderma
8.    Which of the following is not an isotonic solution?
(a) 0.45% NS
(b)    RL
(c)    0.9% NS
(d)    5% dextrose in 0.225% NS

AIIMS Nursing Officer Previous Question Papers with Answers PDF

9.    The nurse is told by a physician that a client in hypovolemic    shock    will    require    plasma
expansion. Which of the following products to be transfused?
(a)    Albumin    (b)    Platelets
(c)    Cryoprecipitates   (d)    PRBC
10.    A nurse is performing CPR on an adult client. The nurse understands that when performing chest compressions one should depress the sternum
(a)    ¾ to 1 inch    (b) ½ - ¾ inch
(c) 1 ½ to 2 inch (d) 2 – 3 inch

11.    For effective sterilization, pressure and temperature of steam in the autoclave should be
(a) 0.5 kg/cm2 & 110oC (b)    1.05 kg/cm2 & 121oC
(c) 1.5 kg/cm2 & 121oC (d)    1.55 kg/cm2 & 141oC
12.    Subnormal body temperature is about (a)    95-98oF    (b)    98-100oF
(c)    90-95oF    (d)    36-37oF
13.    The solution used for Barium Swallow studies is
(a)    Barium chloride    (b)    Barium nitrate
(c)    Barium sulphate   (d)    Barium citrate
14.    How much dose of Vitamin A solution administered orally in a 9 month baby as recommended by national immunization schedule?
(a)   1,00,000IU    (b) 10,000 IU (c) 10,00,000 IU (d) 1,000 IU
15.    Maternal mortality rate is expressed in terms of
(a)    100 live births in an year
(b)    1000 live births in an year
(c)    500 live births in an year
(d)    10000 live births in an year
16.    A client with extrapulmonary TB who is not seriously ill can be categorized under which of the following category for effective DOTS treatment
(a)    Category I    (b) Category II
(c)   Category III    (d) Category Iv
17.    Which of the following is a hormonal pill contraceptive method?
(a)    Mala-N    (b) Progrestasert
(c)   DMPA    (d) Norplant
18.    Modified plan of operation under national malaria dradication progrmame was launched in
(a)   1974    (b)   1953
(c)   1958    (d)   1977
19.    Which of the following is not a principle of primary health care?
(a)    Equal distribution
(b)    Provision of essential drugs
(c)    Community participation
(d)    Multisectorial approach
20.    In India, national nutrition week is celebrated every year from
(a)    September 1-7 (b) October 1-7
(c) August 21-27 (d) August 1-7

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