BSF Nursing SI Recruitment Exam Question Paper

BSF Nursing SI Recruitment Exam Question Paper

To be prepared for BSF SI Nursing Officer Recruitment we published some Model Questions and previous Question Papers of BSF Recruitment in

Nursing Question No #1. Elbow joint is an example of ________________type of joint.

a) Ball & Socket 

b) Hinge 

c) Ellipsoid 

d) Pivot.

Nursing Question No #2. An example for fibrocartilage is

a) Costal cartilage

b) Pinna of ear 

c) Intervertebral disc 

d) Epiglottis

Nursing Question No #3 . Coronary sinus opens into

a) Density. 

b) Left atrium 

c) Right ventricle 

d) Left ventricle

BSF Nursing SI Recruitment Exam Question Paper

Nursing Question No #4. Volume of air remaining in the lungs after a forceful expiration is called

a) Residual volume 

b) Functional residual capacity

c) Inspiratory reserve volume 

d) Expiratory reserve volume

Nursing Question No #5. Person with a blood group A has ………… in his blood

a) Antigen B 

b) Antibody A

c) Antigen A 

d) No antigen

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Nursing Question No #6. __________ psychology is concerned with thinking, language, and problem solving.

a) Cognitive 

b) Humanistic 

c) Psychoanalytic 

d) Behaviouristic

Nursing Question No #7. Which of the following categories of needs occupy the lowest position in Maslow's hierarchy of needs

a) Need for safety and security 

b) Physiological needs

c) Affiliation needs 

d) Self-actualization

Nursing Question No #8. Impersonal and formal relation in a group

a) Secondary 
b) Primary 
c) Clan 
d) Tribe

Nursing Question No #9. Contributors of specialistic school are
a) Simmel 
b) Darkhiem 
c) Hob house 
d) Karl Manheim

Nursing Question No #10. Branch of sociology that deals with social disorganization
a) Social pathology 
b) Social morphology 
c) Medical sociology 
d) Clinical sociology