UPPSC Staff Nurse Recruitment Exam Questions with Answer Part 1

UPPSC Staff Nurse Recruitment Exam Questions with Answer Part 1

The Model Questions for UPPSC Staff Nurse Recruitment Exam is published below, the answer for the following Questions is published below each questions. You may also refer more available Nursing Questions in this blog to get ready for attending the UPPSC Nurses Recruitment Exam.

Question No.1 . Which of the following interventions on the part of the nurse would most help a

confused ambulatory client find their room?

A. having large room numbers on the door

B. placing a picture on the door

C. giving hourly reorientation to the correct room

D. pinning the client’s room number on their attire

Answer: B

Question No.2 . When assessing the noise level that clients are exposed to, the nurse is aware that

levels below which of the following number of decibels is usually safe in terms of


A. 85

B. 95

C. 110

D. 120

Answer: A

Question No.3. You are working with a client who has cancer and is undergoing treatment. The

client complains of a loss of appetite. You will most need to make certain that your

client eats which one of the following foods?

A. fresh fruits

B. raw vegetables

C. carbohydrates

D. Protein

Answer: D

Question No.4 . Your assigned client has a leg ulcer that has a dressing on it. During your

assessment, you find that the dressing is wet. The client admits to spilling water on the

dressing. What action would be best on your part?

A. Reinforce the dressing with a dry dressing.

B. Remove wet dressing and apply new dressing.

C. Dry the dressing with a hair dryer.

D. Let the room air dry the dressing.

Answer: B

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  • Question No.5 . The thoracic and abdominopelvic cavities are divided by which of the following

    body structures?

    A. rib cage

    B. diaphragm

    C. sternum

    D. Stomach

    Answer: B

    Question No.6 . The body’s biggest organ is which of the following components of the body?

    A. large intestine

    B. the skin

    C. small intestine

    D. Kidneys

    Answer: B

    UPPSC Staff Nurse Recruitment Exam Questions with Answer Part 1

    Question No.7 . The skeletal system acts as a storehouse for calcium, which is a very important

    component in muscle contractions, as well as which of the following activities in the


    A. producing testosterone

    B. preventing seizures

    C. making lymph

    D. blood clotting

    Answer: D

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