20 Nursing Exam Questions with Ready Answer- Easy to Study

20 Nursing Exam Questions with Ready Answer- Easy to Study

The Nursing Questions from Sl. No. 46561-46580 is published here, these questions are easy to study because the Answers given below each questions with out wrong answers as it is in multiple choice questions. These questions are useful for preparing upcoming AIIMS ESIC,RRB and many more PSC Examinations. Tsese question may also asked in DHA MOH and OET Examinations.

20 Nursing Exam Questions with Ready Answer- Easy to Study - 46561-46570

Nursing Question No.#46561. Which of the following is intravascular fluid?

(a) Lymph (b) Pleural fluid (c) Plasma (d) Synovial fluid

Ans: Plasma

Nursing Question No.#46562. If the serum potassium level is less than normal, the condition is known as –

Ans: Hypokalemia

Nursing Question No.#46563. What is electrolyte abnormality likely to develop in a patient with vomiting?

Ans: Hypokalemia

20 Nursing Exam Questions with Ready Answer- Easy to Study
Nursing Question No.#46564. How much sodium is normally present in the extracellular fluid? (in Meq/L).

Ans: 135-145

Nursing Question No.#46565. What is the primary cause of hyperkalemia?

Ans: Renal failure

Nursing Question No.#46566. Which of the following is an isotonic solution?

(a)Lactated Ringers (b) Half –Normal Saline (c) One-third Normal Saline

(d) Mannitol

Ans: Lactated Ringers

Nursing Question No.#46567. A Thousand ml. of Normal Saline is to be infused in 8 hours. What should be the rate of flow per minute?

Ans: 30 drops

Nursing Question No.#46568. A patient admitted with vomiting, has the following arterial blood gas levels-pH 7.30; PaCO2 36 mm Hg; Pa O2

92mm Hg; and HCO3 18; what is the acid-base imbalance that is present?

Ans: Metabolic acidosis

Nursing Question No.#46569. Which of the following is a first-line drug used for pain management?

(a)Acetaminophen (b) Clonidine (c) Morphine (d) Ketamine

Ans: Acetaminophen

Nursing Question No.#46570. Which of the following is the organism that causes peptic ulcer disease?

(a) Staphylococcus (b) Corynebacterium (c) Helicobacter pylori

(d) Streptococcus.

Ans: Helicobacter pylori

20 Nursing Exam Questions with Ready Answer- Easy to Study - 46571-46580

Nursing Question No.#46571. The period from conception to birth is denoted as –

Ans: Prenatal

Nursing Question No.#46572. The role of nursing is “having charge of somebody’s health” Whose vision is this?

Ans: Florence Nightingale

Nursing Question No.#46573. Which of the following developmental stage corresponds to infancy?

(A) Trust Vs Mistrust (b) Autonomy Vs Shame (c) Initiative Vs Guilt (d) Industry Vs Inferiority.

Ans: Trust Vs Mistrust

Nursing Question No.#46574. Who proposed the nursing theory of self-care deficit?

Ans: Dorothea Orem

Nursing Question No.#46575. The head circumference of a normal infant is –

Ans: 33-35 cm

Nursing Question No.#46576. The leading cause of death in adolescence is –

Ans: Accidents

Nursing Question No.#46577. The legal definition of ‘death’ that facilitates organ donation is, cessation of –

Ans: Function of brain

Nursing Question No.#46578. The body temperature at which tissues and cells can best function is –

Ans: 36-38o C

Nursing Question No.#46579. Men have a higher Basal Metabolic Rate because their body contains moreAns: Testosterone

Nursing Question No.#46580. The mechanism by which body loses heat to the environment, without having direct contact is –?

Ans: Radiation

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