OET Reading Test Sample Questions

OET Reading Test Sample Questions

Now a days most of the Nurses from India try to fly abroad for getting good salary and healthy work Environment. For Going to United Kingdom/ Ireland like countries you need to pass OET Examinations or IELTS Examination.

Why OET?

To prove the Nurses/ Health care professionals right level of English for work or study, while also learning the kind of language they will need every day at work. OET with B+ or more score is required to work in many countries. Some countries require C+ in one Module and B+ in other 3 Modules.

OET Exam Modules/Assessment Structure:

Listening: approx. 45 minutes

Reading: 60 minutes
Writing: 45 minutes
Speaking: approx. 20 minutes

OET Reading Test Sample Questions


No. of Questions- 20

1. Check to see whether swollen limbs are______ or increasing  in size.

2. the procedure to follow when splinting a fractured limb? ______

3. what to record when assessing a patient? ______

4 the terms used to describe different types of fractures? ______

5 the practitioners who administer analgesia? ______

6 what to look for when checking an injury? ______

7 how fractures can be caused? ______

8 What should be used to elevate a patient’s fractured leg? ______

9 procedures for delivering pain relief? ______

the intra-muscular (IM) route?______

10 Which parts of a limb may need extra padding?______

11 What should be used to treat a patient who suffers respiratory depression?______

12 What should be used to cover a freshly applied plaster backslab?______

13 What analgesic should be given to a patient who is allergic to morphine?______

14 What condition might a patient have if severe pain persists after splinting, elevation and

 repeated analgesia?______

15 What is the maximum dose of morphine per kilo of a patient’s weight that can be given using

16 Upper limb fractures should be elevated by means of a .______

17 Make sure the patient isn’t wearing any ______on the part of the body where the plaster backslab is going to be placed.______

18 Patients aged ______and over shouldn’t be given the higher  dosages of pain relief.

19 In a plaster backslab, there is a layer of ______closest to the skin.

20 Falling on an outstretched hand is a typical cause of a______of  the elbow.

OET Listening: approx. 45 minutes Writing test: 45 minutes Speaking test : approx. 20 minutes Model Questions will be published soon keep visiting our OET Page for Updates

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