DHA Exam Question Answers 2021

On Request of Nursing candidates who are appearing DHA Examination in the Year 2021 we published following model Questions with Answers. Earlier we published many DHA Exam Previous Question Papers and Model Question Answers in our Nursing Study Material Websites www.nursingwork.in and www.nursingwrittentestquestions.blogspot.com. You may Also refer ESIC Staff Nurse Exam , AIIMS, RRB Staff Nurse Exam MOH Question Papers available in our website that also helful for preparing upcoming DHA Examination 

DHA Question No. 1.    Which of the following is not a characteristic of true labor?

(a)    Contractions occur regularly and becomes stronger

(b)    Cervical dilation and effacement occures

(c)    Activities like walking relieves pain

(d)    Fetus begins to descend

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DHA Question No. 2.    Fetal heart rate accelerations of at least 15 beats/minute for lasting at least 15 seconds may be due to all of the following except

(a)    Uteroplacental insufficiency

(b)    Uterine contractions

(c)    Mild cord compression

(d)    Movement of fetus

DHA Question No. 3.    During labor, the mother has a feeling of something is coming out of vagina and the nurse on examination detects that it is umbilical cord and it is compressed. What should be the immediate nursing intervention?

(a)    Relieve the pressure on the cord

(b)    Check FHR

(c)    Place the client in knee chest position

(d)    Prepare for emergency CS

DHA Question No. 4.    After delivery, uterus cannot be palpated abdominally by

(a)    5 days    (b)    6 days

(c)    8 days    (d)    10 days


DHA Question No. 5.    Total number of muscles in human body 

(a) 206    

(b) 309

(c) 96

(d) 639

DHA Question No. 6.    Which of the following is the commenest type  of hallucination?

(a)    Visual hallucination

(b)    Auditony hallucination

(c)    Tactile hallucination

(d)    Imperative hallucination

DHA Question No. 7.    Persistent repetition of words beyond their relevance is known as

(a)    Perseveration    (b) Verbegeration

(c) Clang association    (d) Mutism

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DHA Question No. 8.    Which of the following is not a disorder of consciousness?

(a)    Stupor    (b) Confusion

(c) Delirium    (d) Incoherence

DHA Question No. 9.    DPT vaccine is administered through

(a)    Intradesmal (b) Intramuscular

(c) Subcutaneous (d) Oral

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DHA Exam Question Answers 2021

DHA Question No. 10.    Total number of deaths of infants occurring during the period from 28th week of pregnancy to 7 days after birth per 1000 total births in an year is called as

(a)    Infant mortality rate

(b)    Neonatal mortality rate

(c)    Perinatal mortality rate

(d)    Maternal mortality rate

DHA Question No. 11    Which of the following is a third generation intrauterine device?

(a)    Lipper loop    (b)    Copper-T

(c)    DMPA    (d)    Progestasert


DHA Question No. 12.    Integrated child development scheme was launched in

(a)    1973    (b)    1974

(c)    1975    (d)    1976

Answers for the Above DHA Exam Questions 2021

DHA Question No. 1 Answer Option: C

DHA Question No. 2 Answer Option:  A

DHA Question No. 3 Answer Option: A

DHA Question No. 4 Answer Option: D 

DHA Question No.5  Answer Option: D

DHA Question No. 6 Answer Option:  B

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DHA Question No. 7 Answer Option: A

DHA Question No.8  Answer Option: D .

DHA Question No. 9 Answer Option: B

DHA Question No. 10  Answer Option: C

DHA Question No. 11 Answer Option: D

DHA Question No. 12 Answer Option: C

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