JSSC Staff Nurse Exam Questions Pdf.

JSSC Staff Nurse Exam Questions Pdf.

Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission (JSSC) published Notification to recruit 370 Staff Nurses/ Nursing Officers in the Year 2022. The Selection will be done after the Competative Examination (Computer Based Test) on Merit Basis. The Model Questions for Preparing the Nursing Staff Recruitment Computer Based Test is published below. You can also go throgh other Commission Recruitment Examinations question papers to gain more knowledge. Railway Staff Nurse Exam, AIIMS Nursing Officer Exam, OSSSC nursing officer Exam, PGIMER Nurses Recruitment Exam Railway Staff Nurse Recruitment Examination Question Papers may be helpful for preparing the Computer Based Test for Staff Nurses Recruitment by JSSC

JSSC Staff Nurse Exam Questions txt format.

Nursing Exam Question No.#1.    A client is on 1st post operative day of large umbilical hernia repair. The client complaints of abdominal pain and describe feeling the sutures give way. After assessment of the abdomen, the nurse observes an evisceration.

The nurses immediate response should be
(a)    Medicate the client for pain
(b)    Instruct the client to cough hard
(c)    Inform the physician
(d)    Cover the abdomen with a sterile saline dressing

Nursing Exam Question No.#2.    The nurse is monitoring a patient receiving parenteral nutrition via central line catheter for the 24 hrs. the patient is experiencing polyuria, and complaints of thirst and head ache. Vital signs are as follows. BP-120/76 mmHg. PR- 88/minute RR-20/minute Temperature-37.1oC oxygen saturation-99% on room air. What will be the nurse most likely administer?
(a)    Insulin
(b)    5% dextrose in water
(c)    Normal saline
(d)    Calcium gluconate

Nursing Exam Question No.#3.    A client is transferred to immediate post operative unit after hysterectomy. The nurse administers morphine sulphate intravenously  as prescribed because of her complaints of pain. After 5 minutes, the patient is difficult to arouse and develops bradypnoea. What should be the immediate action by the nurse?
(a)    Document the findings
(b)    Administer naloxone
(c)    Place in supine position
(d)    Check the surgical site for bleeding

Nursing Exam Question No.#4.   A client is hospitalized with TB has a  productive cough and hemoptysis. Which of the following isolation room would be the best choice for this client?
(a)    Reverse isolation
(b)    Standard isolation
(c)    Positive pressure isolation
(d)    Negative pressure isolation


Nursing Exam Question No.#5.    A 34 years old quadriplegia client resides at home with his wife. In order to prevent contractures of extrimities, the nurse will instruct the client’s wife to perform
(a)    Active range of motion exercises
(b)    Passive range of motion exercises
(c)    Active – assisted range of motion exercises
(d)    Resistive range of motion exercises
Nursing Exam Question No.#6.    A client complaints of left eye redness and itching. The physician ordered the nurse to put atropine eye drops for the client to examine his eye. The nurse should instill the eye drop into
(a)    Left eye
(b)    Right eye
(c)    Both left and right eyes
(d)    Neither of the eyes

JSSC Staff Nurse Exam Questions Pdf.

Nursing Exam Question No.#7.    A client has an acute severe inflammation of gall bladder due to obstructed stones. The physician orders the nurse to schedule the client for surgery. Which of the following surgical procedures will the physician most likely to perform?
(a)    Pancreatectomy (b) Hepatectomy
(c) Orchidectomy (d) Cholecystectomy
Nursing Exam Question No.#8.    The nurse writes the nursing diagnosis “Ineffective airway clearance in a client’s care plan. Which of the following nursing interventions is most appropriate for managing this problem?
(a)    Keep the client in fowler’s position
(b)    Administer oxygen
(c)    Provide frequent oral hygiene
(d)    Perform suctioning of the secretions

Nursing Exam Question No.#9.    Which of the following is the best position to increase brain perfusion?
(a)    Prone
(b)    Semi fowler’s
(c)    Trendlenburg
(d)    Reverse trendlenburg
Nursing Exam Question No.#10.    Which of the following is the proper procedure for doing breast self exam?
(a)    Use the palm of the hand to feel for lumps
(b)    Apply three different levels of pressure to feel breast tissue
(c)    Stand when performing breast self exam
(d)    Perform breast self exam annually

Nursing Exam Question No.#11.    A 42 years old woman is admitted to the emergency department with complaints of sharp upper right abdominal pain radiating to scapula. The ultrasound examination confirms gall bladder inflammation. Which of the following would be most likely associated with her clinical findings?
(a)    Pain relieved by drinking milk
(b)    Pain alleviation with active exercises
(c)    Pain triggered by fatty meal
(d)    Pain increases on empty stomach

Nursing Exam Question No.#12.    After the nurse has administered heparine injection, the patient is observed as rubbing the area. The nurse should instruct the patient to not to rub the area because it may
(a)    Increase the risk of bleeding
(b)    Prevent proper absorption of heparin
(c)    Cause increased pain
(d)    Results in tissue death

Nursing Exam Question No.#13.    Which of the following medications would be instructed to stop 2 weeks prior to the surgery?
(a)    Antiarrhythmic    (b)    Antifungal
(c)    Antidiebetic    (d)    Antiplatelet

Nursing Exam Question No.#14.     Upon assessment of an obese client’s back, the nurse observes a forward curvature of the lumbar spine. These findings are indicative of
(a)    Kyphosis
(b)    Lordosis
(c)    Scoliosis
(d)    Intervertebral disc prolapse

370 Staff Nurse/Nursing Officer jobs 44,900-1,42,400 Pay scale


Answer for Question No. 1 is Option D
Answer for Question No. 2 is Option A
Answer for Question No. 3 is Option B
Answer for Question No. 4 is Option D
Answer for Question No. 5 is Option B
Answer for Question No. 6 is Option C
Answer for Question No. 7 is Option D
Answer for Question No. 8 is Option D
Answer for Question No. 9 is Option C
Answer for Question No. 10 is Option A
Answer for Question No. 11 is Option C
Answer for Question No. 12 is Option A
Answer for Question No. 13 is Option D
Answer for Question No. 14 is Option B