Solved Nursing Multiple Choice Questions 21-30

Solved Nursing Multiple Choice Questions 21-30

Solved Nursing Multiple Choice Questions from Question 21 to Question No 30 is published here. From Question No. 1- 20 Available at 

21. Which of the following fractures is classic for occurring from trauma?

(a) Brachial and clavicle
(b) Brachial and humerus
(c) Humerus and clavicle
(d) Occipital and humerus

22. Elevating a limb with a cast will prevent swelling which of the following actions best describes how this is done?
(a) Place the limb with the cast close to the body
(b) Place the limb with the cast at the level of the heart
(c) Place the limb with the cast below the level of the heart
(d) Place the limb with the cast above the level of the heart

23. A client asks why a cast can’t get wet which of the following responses would be the most appropriate?
(a) A wet cast can cause a foul odor
(b) A wet cast will weaken or be destroyed
(c) A wet cast is heavy and difficult to maneuver
(d) It’s all right to get the cast wet, just use a hair dryer to dry it off

24. Which of the following methods is the correct way to assess limb circumference?
(a) Use a measuring tape
(b) Visually compare limbs bilaterally
(c) Check the client past medical history
(d) Follow standardized for limb circumference

25. Which of the following fracture commonly occurs with such bone disease as Osteomalacia and Paget’s disease?
(a) Linear
(b) Longitudinal
(c) Oblique
(d) Transverse

Solved Nursing Multiple Choice Questions 21-30

26. Which of the following is often seen in the upper extremities and is related to physical abuse?
(a) Longitudinal
(b) Oblique
(c) Spiral
(d) Transverse

27. Which of the following conditions is a serious.
Complication of a femoral shaft fracture?
(a) Constipation
(b) Decreased urine output
(c) Hemorrhage
(d) Pain

28. Treatment of a fat embolus may include which
of the following therapies?
(a) Albuterol, oxygen, I.V. fluids, steroids
(b) Oxygen, I.V. fluids, steroids, antibiotics
(c) Morphine, oxygen, I.V. fluids, antibiotics
(d) Theophylline, morphine, oxygen, I.V. fluids

29. Which of the following weights is commonly applied to an extremity for bucks traction in an adult?
(a) 1 to 2 lb
(b) 1 to 5 lb
(c) 5 to 7 lb
(d) 8 to 10 lb

30. Closed spine surgery is a new technique to fix a herniated disk. Which of the following
statements is the about closed spine surgery?
(a) There is a greater associated risk
(b) Intense physical therapy is needed
(c) An endoscope is used to perform the surgery
(d) Recovery time is twice as long as with open spine surgery

Nursing Solved Question Paper 2022- Part 2

Answer for the above Questions

Question No. 21 Correct Answer is Option C
Question No. 22 Correct Answer is Option D
Question No. 23 Correct Answer is Option B
Question No. 24 Correct Answer is Option A
Question No. 25 Correct Answer is Option D
Question No. 26 Correct Answer is Option C
Question No. 27 Correct Answer is Option C
Question No. 28 Correct Answer is Option B
Question No. 29 Correct Answer is Option C
Question No. 30 Correct Answer is Option C

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