Objective type ANM Recruitment Exam questions

Objective type ANM Recruitment Exam questions Part-1

ANM Nurses Recruitment Exam Questions are useful for preparing upcoming ANM Recruitment Exams conducted in Every States of India. In Every States of India Auxiliary Nurse Midwife's are recruited to work in rural areas. Here we published selected ANM Questions from previous question papers of ANM Nurses Recruitment Exam conducted in different states of India

Objective type ANM Recruitment Exam questions

 1.    Which of the following is an advantage of a home visit?

A.    It allows the nurse to provide nursing care to a greater number of people
B.    It provides an opportunity to do first hand appraisal of the home situation
C.    It allows sharing of experience among people with similar health problems
D.    It develops the family’s initiative in providing for health needs of its members

2.    CHN is a community-based practice. Which best explains this statement?

A.    The service is provided in the natural environment of people
B.    The nurse has to conduct community diagnosis to determine nursing needs and problems
C.    The service are based on the available resources within the community
D.    Priority setting is based on the magnitude of the health problems identified

3.    Population- focused nursing practice requires which of the following processes?

A.    Community organizing .
B.    Nursing, process
C.    Community diagnosis
D.    Epidemiologic process

4.    RA 1054 is also known as the Occupational Health Act. Aside from the number of employees, what other factor must be considered in determining the occupational health privileges to which the workers will be entitled?
A.    Type of occupation,: agriculture, commercial, industrial
B.    Location of the workplace in relation to health facilities
C.    Classification of the business enterprise based on net profit
D.    Sex and age composition of employees

5.    A business firm must employ an occupational health nurse when it has at least how many employees.

A. 21
B. 101
C. 201
D. 301

6.    When the occupational health nurse employs ergonomic principles, she is performing which of her roles?

A.    Health care provider
B.    Health educator
C.    Health care coordinator
D.    Environment manager

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7.    A garment factory does not have an occupational nurse. Who shall provide the occupational health needs of the factory workers?

A.    Occupational health nurse at the Provincial Health Office
B.    Physician employed by the factory
C.    Public Health nurse of the RHU of their municipality
D.    Rural Sanitary inspector of the RHU in their municipality

8.     If the RHU needs additional midwife items, you will submit the request for additional midwife items for approval to the:

A.    Rural Health Unit
B.    District Health Office
C.    Provincial Health Office
D.    Municipal Health Board

9.    According to C.E. Winslow, which of the following is the goal of Public Health?

A.    For people to attain their birthrights and longevity
B.    For promotion of health and prevention and diseases
C.    For people to have access to basic health services
D.    For people to be organized in their health efforts

10.    We say that a Filipino has attained longevity when he is able to reach the average life span of Filipinos. What other statistic may be used to determine attainment of longevity?

A.    Age-specific mortality rate
B.    Proportionate mortality rate
C.    Swaroop’s index
D.    Case fatality rate

Objective type ANM Recruitment Exam questions Part-2

11.    Which of the following is the most prominent feature of public health nursing?

A.    It involves providing home care to sick people who are not confined in the hospital
B.    Services are provided free of charge to people within the catchment area
C.    The public health nurse functions as part of a team providing a public health nursing service
D.    Public health nursing focuses on preventive, not curative services

12.    According to Margaret Shetland, the philosophy of public health nursing is based on which of the following?
A.    Health and longevity as birthrights
B.    The mandate of the state to protect the birthrights of its citizens
C.    Public health nursing as a specialized field of nursing
D.    The worth and dignity of man

13.    Which of the following is the mission of the Department of Health?

A.    Health for all Filipinos
B.    Ensure the accessibility and quality of health
C.    Improve the general health status of the population
D.    Health in the hands of the Filipino people by the year 2020

14.    Region IV Hospital is classified as what level of facility?

A.    Primary
B.    Secondary
C.    Intermediate
D.    Tertiary

15.    What is true of primary facilities?

A.    They are usually government-run
B.    Their services are provided on an out-patient basis
C.    They are training facilities for health professionals
D.    A community hospital is an example of this level of health facilities

16.    Which is an example of the school nurse‘s health care provider function?

A.    Requesting for BCG from the RHU for school entrance immunization
B.    Conducting random classroom inspection during measles epidemic
C.    Taking remedial action on an accident hazard in the school playground
D.    Observing places in the school where pupils spend their free times
17.    When the nurse determines whether resources were maximized in implementing Ligtas Tigdas, she is evaluating:

A.    Effectiveness
B.    Efficiency
C.    Adequacy
D.    Appropriateness

18.    You are a new B.S.N. graduate. You want to become a Public Health Nurse. Where will you apply?

A.    Department of Health
B.    Provincial Health Office
C.    Regional Health Office
D.    Rural Health Unit

19.    RA 7160 mandates devolution of basic services from the national government to local government units. Which of the following is the major goal of devolution?

A.    To strengthen local government units
B.    To allow greater autonomy to local government units.
C.    To empower the people and promote their self-reliance
D.    To make basic services more accessible to the people

20.    Who is the Chairman of the Municipal Health Board?

A.    Mayor
B.    Municipal Health Officer
C.    Public Health Nurse
D.    Any qualified physician

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