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 ANM Nurses Recruitment Previous Question papers are most important for preparing the upcoming ANM Recruitment Examinations. Here we published 20 Questions for Sl. No. 21 to 40, Earlier we published 20 Questions at The Solved Question papers of ANM Nurses Recruitment Exam conducted in Andhra Pradesh state, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala,Madhyapradesh, Odisha, Uttara Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal, Delhi, Tamil Nadu are uploaded in our website.

ANM Questions form Sl. No 21-30

21.    Which level of health facility is the usual point of entry of a client into the health care delivery system?

A.    Primary
B.    Secondary
C.    Intermediate
D.    Tertiary

22.    The public health nurse is the supervisor of rural health midwives. Which of the following is a supervisory function of the pubic health nurse?

A.    Referring cases or patients to the midwife
B.    Providing technical guidance to the midwife
C.    Proving nursing care to cases referred by the midwife
D.    Formulating and implementing training programs for midwives

23.    One of the participants in a hilot training class asked you to whom she should refer a patient in labor who develops a complication. You will answer, to the;

A.    Public health nurse
B.    Rural health midwife
C.    Municipal health officer
D.    Any of these health professionals

24.    You are the public health nurse in a municipality with a total population of about 20,000. There are3 health midwives among the RHU personnel. How many more midwife items will the RHU need?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

25.   The municipality assigned to you has a population of about 20/000. Estimate the number of 1-4 year old children who be given Retinol capsule 200.000 every 6 months.

A. 1,500
B. 1,800
C. 2,000
D. 2,300

26.    As an epidemiologist, the nurse is responsible for reporting cases or notifiable diseases. What law mandates reporting cases of notifiable diseases?

A. Act 3573
B. RA.3753
C. RA 1054
D. RA 1082

ANM Question Papers pdf download 
27.    According to Freeman and Heinrich, community health nursing is a developmental service. Which of the following best illustrates this statement?

A.    The community health nurse continuously develops himself personally and professionally
B.    Health education and community organizing are necessary in providing community health services
C.    Community health nursing in intended primarily for health promotion and prevention and treatment of disease.
D.    The goal of community health nursing is to provide nursing services to people in their own place of .residence

28.    Which disease was declared through Presidential Proclamation No. 4 as a target for, eradication in the Philippines?

A.    Pioliomyelitis
B.    Measles
C.    Rabies
D.    Neonatal Tetanus

29.    The public health nurse is responsible for presenting the municipal health statistics using graphs and tables. To compare the frequency of the leading causes of mortality in the municipality, which graph will you prepare?

A.    Line
B.    Bar
C.    Pie
D.    Scatter diagram

30.    Which step in community organizing involves training of potential leaders in the community?

A.    Integration
B.    Community organization
C.    Community study
D.    Core group formation

ANM Questions form Sl. No 31-40

31.    In which step are plans formulated for solving community problems?

A.    Mobilization
B.    Community organization
C.    Follow-up/extension
D.    Core group formation

32.    The public health nurse takes an active role in community participation. What is the primary goal of community organizing?

A.    To educate the people regarding community health problems
B.    To mobilize the people to resolve community health problems
C.    To maximize the community’s resources in dealing with health problems
33.    An indicator of success in community organizing is when people are able to:

A.    Participate in community activities for the solution of a community problem
B.    Implement activities for the solution of the community problem
C.    Plan activities for the solution of the community problem
D.    Identify the health problem as a common concern

34.    Tertiary prevention is needed in which stage of the natural history of disease?

A.    Pre-pathogenesis
B.    Pathogenesis
C.    Predromal
D.    Terminal

35.    Isolation of a child with measles belongs to what level of prevention?

A.    Primary
B.    Secondary
C.    Intermediate
D.    Tertiary

36.    On the other hand, Operation Timbang is     prevention?

A.    Primary
B.    Secondary
C.    Intermediate
D.    Tertiary

37.    Which type of family-nurse contact will provide you with the best opportunity to observe family dynamics?

A.    Clinic consultation
B.    Group conferences
C.    Home visit
D.    Written communication

38.    The typology of family nursing problems is used in the statement of nursing diagnosis in the care of families. The youngest child of the delos Reyes family has been diagnosed as mentally retarded. This is classified as:

A.    Health threat
B.    Health deficit
C.    Foreseeable crisis
D.    Stress point

39.    The delos Reyes couple have 6-year old child entering school for the first time. The delos Reyes family has a:

A.    Health threat
B.    Health deficit
C.    Foreseeable crisis
D.    Stress point

40.    A pregnant woman had just received her 4th dose of tetanus toxoid. Subsequently, her baby will have protection against tetanus for how long?

A.    1 year
B.    3 years
C.    10 years
D.    Lifetime

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