SCCL Nursing Exam Questions

SCCL Nursing Exam Model Questions with Answer

SCCL Model Questions are published here by, the Answers for the below questions are highlighted with bold text. if you have any doubt comment in the bottom of this post

Nursing Exam Questions with Answer

Question No 1.    PH value of saliva is

(a) 3.5 - 4.5 
(b) 5.8 – 7.4
(c) 8.2 – 9.6
(d) 4 – 5

Question No 2.    A client with angina complains that the pain is prolonged and severe and occurs even at resting time mostly on the same time each day. On further assessment the nurse understands that there is no precipitating factor. This type of angina pain is described as
(a)    Stable angina 
(b) unstable angina
(c) Variant angina 
(d) Intractible angina

Question No 3.    If the tube feeding continues, the placement of the feeding tube should be checked
(a)    Every hour
(b)    every 24 hour
(c)    It is unnecessary to check placement
(d)    Every shift

Question No 4.    A client is experiencing fetal death in utero at 22nd week of gestation. The client is retaining the product of conception for last 3 weeks. The nurse should closely monitor for the manifestations of
(a)    DIC
(b)    Hematorma
(c)    Endometritis
(d)    Gestational trophoblastic disease

SCCL Nursing Exam Questions

Question No 5.    What is the best method for sterilization of glass items?
(a) Autoclaving    
(b) Boiling
(c) Ethylene oxide 
(d) Radiation

Question No 6.    The nurse is teaching a group of primi mothers regarding the gastrointestinal changes during pregnancy. Which of the following is incorrect mention?
(a)    Decreased appetite
(b)    Gastro intestinal bleeding 
(c)    Hemorrhoids
(d)    Constipation