Nursing MCQ 2024

Nursing MCQ 2024

Nursing MCQ 49501. Axillary nerve is a branch of _________ cord of brachial plexus

a) Medial 

b) Lateral 

c) Posterior 

d) Anterior

Nursing MCQ 49502. Coronary sinus opens into __________

a) Right atrium 

b) Left atrium 

c) right ventricle 

d) Left ventricle

Nursing MCQ 49503. Follicle stimulating hormone is secreted by ________ gland

a) Pituitary 

b) Thyroid 

c) Adrenal 

d) Pancreas

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Nursing MCQ 49504. Intercalated disc is present in _________

a) Skeletal muscle 

b) Smooth muscle 

c) Cardiac muscle 

d) erector pilae muscle

Nursing MCQ 49505. Normal WBC count is ……….. cells/mm3 of blood

a) 5-6 million 

b) 4000-11000 

c) 1-2 Lakhs 

d) 300-500

Nursing MCQ 2024

Nursing MCQ 49506. The hormone responsible for milk 

production by the mammary gland is ………..

a) Oxytocin 

b) Progesterone 

c) Prolactin 

d) Calcitonin

Nursing MCQ 49507. Exchange of gases occurs in ………….. part of the lungs

a) Alveolus 

b) Terminal bronchiole 

c) Respiratory bronchiole 

d) Bronchiole

Nursing MCQ 49508. Receptors for colour vision are…………

a) Rodes 

b) Bipolar cells 

c) Cones 

d) Ganglion cells

Nursing MCQ 49509. The reflex arc consists of

a) Receptor 

b) Effector organ

c) Afferent and efferent neurons 

d) All of the above

Nursing MCQ 49510. The WBC having phagocytic function is …………

a) Neutrophil 

b) Eosinophil 

c) Basophil 

d) Lymphocyte