AIIMS Solved Questions for Nursing Officer Exam 2024

AIIMS Solved Questions for Nursing Officer Exam 2024

AIIMS Question No. #1. Child smiles at familiar person at the age of

(a) 1 month (b)   2 months

(c)   4 months (d)   6 months

Answer: B  

AIIMS Question No. # . Using Strader’s seven-step decision-making process, the nurse needs to first

identify the purpose. What must the nurse do next?

A. Decide who will be involved in the decision.

B. Enlist the cooperation of the client.

C. Set the criteria.

D. Identify solutions.

Answer: C  

AIIMS Question No. #3. Physiological icterus usually appears on the regress by the

(a) 1st day and 3rd day

(b) 3rd day and 7th day

(c) 8th day and 9th day

(d) 9th day and 11th day

Answer: B  

AIIMS Solved Questions for Nursing Officer Exam 2024

AIIMS Question No. #4. All are signs of cardiac arrest except

a. Sudden onset of unconsciousness
b. Cessation of heart beat
c. Cessation of breathing
d. Constricted pupils

AIIMS Question No. #5 A pregnant woman she come to gynecolical word she have vaginal bleeding and no FHS and cervex not dialted they diagnosis invetable abortion the treatment for this ledy :


A. surgical treatment

B. induction of labor(syntocinon)

C. dialitation and curtage

AIIMS Question No. #6. Child mortality rate is related to all except

(a) Adequacy of MCH services

(b) Immunization coverage

(c) Preschool education

(d) Environmental pollution

Answer: C

AIIMS Question No. #7 . Which of the following therorists stressed energy fields in their nursing theory?

A. Dorothea Orem

B. Helen Neuman

C. Rosemarie Parse

D. Martha E. Rogers

Answer: D

AIIMS Question No. #8. Hartman’s solution contains all except
a. Sodium
b. Protein
c. Potassium
d. Calcium lactate

AIIMS Question No. #9 Which of the following would be the proper interpretation by the nurse for a chromosomal analysis showing 46, XY? 

A. Normal male

B. Abnormal male 

C. Normal female 

D. Abnormal female

AIIMS Question No. # 10You are ready to take the client’s oral temperature. You ask this client how long it

has been since drinking something hot or cold or smoking. The client admits having

just drunk a cup of hot coffee. You will wait how long before taking the temperature?

A. 5 minutes

B. 10 minutes

C. 20 minutes

D. 30 minutes

Answer: D