DHA Solved Questions 2022

DHA Solved Questions 2022

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DHA Question No. 1.

A 45-year-old mother gave birth to a baby boy 2 days ago. The nurse assesses a single palmar crease and lowset ears on the new born. The nurse plans to counsel the couple about which of the following autosomal abnormalities?

A- Trisomy21

B- Trisomy18

C- Trisomy13

D- Trisomy26

Answer: A- Trisomy21

DHA Question No. 2. 

A newborn born by elective caesarian section under general anesthesia ter 28 weeks of pregnancy. His weight is 850 gm, and he is in (20) th percentile in intrauterine growth chart. He is admitted to Neonatal tensive Care Unit. Which of the following is the classification of this newborn according to stational age and birth weight using intrauterine growth chart?

A. He is appropriate for gestational age 

B. He is extremely low birth weight 

C. He is small for gestational age 

D. He is very low birth weight.

Answer: A. He is appropriate for gestational age

DHA Solved Questions 2022

DHA Question No. 3. 

You are performing an assessment on a client with a suspected diagnosis of cataract.The chief manifestation that the nurse would find in the early stages of this condition is:

A- Floating spots

B- Diplopia

C- Blur red vision

D- Eye pain

 Answer: C- Blur red vision

DHA Question No. 4. 

5-year-old child was brought to the Emergency Room with a fractured ght forearm. He had several bruises on his body but showed no signs of ain while palpating them. He seemed scared and did not answer any questions asked. Why should the nurse discuss this case with the nurse manager?

A. Continuity of care 

B. Rule out child abuse 

C. Psychological support 

D. Fracture management

Answer: B. Rule out child abuse 

DHA Question No. 5

Which of the following symptoms is likely to be associated with a gastriculcer? EXCEPT

A- Presence of hydrochloric acid in the stomach

B-  Eating will not relieve the pain

C- Pain in right epigastric area to the right of the umbilicus with radiation of pain to right upper quadrant

D- Bleeding detected in vomitus

Answer: B-  Eating will not relieve the pain