Fundamentals of Nursing practice questions

Fundamentals of Nursing practice questions

Fundamentals of Nursing practice questions published here including ready answers. If you want more Questions related to Fundamentals of Nursing- you can find at These Question answers useful for preparing any of the Nursing Staff Recruitment Examinations. The following questions repeated in AIIMS Nursing Officer Recruitment Examination, ESI Nursing Officer Recruitment Examination, Railway Nursing Officer Recruitment Examination, Tata Memorial Hospital Staff Nurse Examination. 

Question No. #1. A system model that focus on the responses of the client system to actual or potential environmental stressors was developed by

A. Betty Neumann

B. Dorothea Orem

C. Virginia Henderson

D. Florence Nightingale

Answer: Betty Neumann

Question No. #2. Hot test is used to detect which of the following in urine?

A. Bile

B. Albumin



Answer: Albumin

Question No. #3. The yellow color deposit after Benedict test indicate?

A.No sugar


C. 3%

D. 4%

Answer: 1%

Question No. #4. Rothera test is used to detect?

A. Albumin

B. ugar

C. Acetone

D. Bile

Answer: Acetone

Repeated in AIIMS Exam

Question No. #5. Bile salts in urine is detected by which of the following test?

A.Benedict’s test

B. Rothera’s test

C. Cold test

D. Hay’s test

Answer: D. Hay’s test

Question No. #6. The theory that involves care and helps through which the client attains total self care is?

A. Orem’s theory

B. Peplau’s theory

C. Nightingale theory

D. Freud  theory

Answer: Orem’s theory

Fundamentals of Nursing practice questions

Question No. #7. In side lying position a patient is not able to abduct his hip. The power to his abductors is:

A.Grade I

B. Grade 2

C. Less than grade 3

D. Grade 3

Question No. #8. Highest level of need according to Maslow’s hierarchy among the following?

A. Physiologic needs

B. Self esteem

C. Love and belonging

D. Safety and security

Answer: Self esteem

Question No. #9. The ideal temperature and pressure used for autoclaving?

A. 118 Celsius at 11 psi

B. 120 Celsius at 15 psi

C. 122 Celsius at 16 psi

D. 121 Celsius at 15 psi

Answer: 121 Celsius at 15 psi

Question No. #10. Which theory explains the nurse-patient relationship concepts like orientation, identification, exploitation and resolution?

A. Sigmonf Freud

B. Hildegard Pepau

C. Betty Neumann

D. Dorothea Orem

Answer: Hildegard Pepau

Question No. #11. Four conservation principle; energy, structural integrity, personal integrity and social integrity was described by?

A. Leininger

B. Peplau

C. Rogers

D. Levin

Answer: Levin

Question No. #12. Benedict test is used to detect?

A. Sugar

B. Albumin

C. Bile

D. Protein

Answer: Sugar

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