20 Nursing Exam Solved Questions from 36301-36320

20 Nursing Exam Solved Questions from 36301-36320

Nursing Question No.36301.For education of measles, immunization coverage should be at least

(a) 80% (b) 85%

(c) 96% (d) 100%

Answer : B

Nursing Question No.36302. Period of maximum infectivity in mumps is during

(a) incubation period (b) onset of swelling

(c) after swelling appears (d) prodromal period

Answer : A

Nursing Question No.36303.Pass In The 1st Stool Of Neonate After The Birth..??

A- Lochea B- Colostrum

C- Puerpera D- Meconium

Answer : D

Nursing Question No.36304.DOTS is used in he treatment of

a Tuberculosis b Leprosy

c Malaria d Filaria

Answer : A

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Nursing Question No.36305. Major epidemics of influenza A occur at intervals of

(a) 1 year (b) 2-3 years

(c) 10-15 years (d) 20-25 years

Answer : B

Nursing Question No.36306. The most common source of infection for diphtheria is a

(a) case (b) sub clinical case

(c) carrier (d) all of the above

Answer : D

Nursing Question No.36307. Shick test is done in

(a) meningitis (b) diphtheria

(c) pertussis (d) polimyelitis

Answer : A

Nursing Question No.36308. Adjuvant present in DPT vaccine is

(a) aluminium phosphate (b) aluminium hydroxide

(c) zinc phosphate (d) magnesium phosphate

Answer : C

Nursing Question No.36309. According to national immunization schedule, immunization for how many disease is done in infants ?

a 4 b 5

c 9 d 7

Answer : C 

20 Nursing Exam Solved Questions from 36301-36320

Nursing Question No.36310.Which is not given at the time of birth?


c Hepatitis d Hib

Answer : D 

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Nursing Question No.36311. Recommended site of administration of DPT in infants is

(a) gluteal (b) deltoid

(c) lateral aspect of thigh (d) forearm

Answer : C

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Nursing Question No.36312. The most severe complications following DPT are due to …….. Component

(a) diphtheria (b) pertussis

(c) tetanus (d) adjuvant

Answer: D

Nursing Question No.36313. The vaccine usually given to pilgrims to the Middle East is

(a) DPT (b) influenza

(c) yellow fever (d) meningitis

Answer : C

Nursing Question No.36314. Best index to estimate case load of T.B. in a community is

(a) incidence of infection (b) prevalence of infection

(c) incidence of disease (d) prevalence of disease

Answer : C

Nursing Question No.36315. Prevalence of T.B. infection in a community is estimated by

(a) tuberculin test (b) sputum microscopy

(c) culture (d) chest X-ray 12.

Answer : A

Nursing Question No.36316.For I.M Injection the nurse should insert the needle into the muscle at an angle of

a 15 degrees b 30 degrees

c 45 degrees d 90 degrees

Answer : D

Nursing Question No.36317.When bleeding after 24 hours of delivery is considered as post pastum hemorrhage (PPH)?

a Blood loss of more than 500 ml b Blood loss of more than 700 ml

c Blood loss of more than 100 ml d Blood loss of more than 20 ml

Answer : A

Nursing Question No.36318.The amount of PPD used in mantoux test in India is

(a) 1 TU (b) 5 TU

(c) 25 TU (d) 250 TU 13.

Answer : A


Nursing Question No.36319.Result of mantoux test is read after

(a) 6 hours (b) 24 hours

(c) 48 hours (d) 72 hours

Answer : C

Nursing Question No.36320. Present day BCG vaccine is supplied as

(a) liquid vaccine (b) freeze dried vaccine

(c) both (d) none of the above

Answer : B

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