Nursing Exam Questions-30 Nos

Nursing Exam Questions-30 Nos- 35701-35730

Nursing Exam Questions-35701-35710- Part 1

Question No. 35701. Which of the following is not a principal of ethical practice for nurses?

a. Veracity
b. Malfeasance
c. Confidentiality
d. Justice

Question No. 35702. Which of the following is not a sign of malnutrition?

a. Muscle wasting
b. Obesity
c. Loss of subcutaneous tissue
d. Good skin integrity

Q3uestion No. 35703. Body mass index is calculated using:

a. Weight and height
b. Weight and skin thickness
c. Height and eyesight
d. Weight and abdominal girth

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Question No. 35704. Which is not a sign of inflammation?

a. Fever
b. Leucocytosis
c. Erythema
d. Paraesthesia

Question No. 35705. Thalasemia can be diagnosed by

a. Protein Analysis
b. Haemoglobin Electrophoresis
c. Chromosomal Analysis
d. Hexosaminidase A. Activity testing

Question No. 35706. Warfarin is antagonist of

a. Vit-K
b. Vit-A
c. Vit-D
d. Vit-E

Question No. 35707. Which of the following is not a pain intensity scale?

a. Norton’s Scale
b. Numeric Pain Intensity Scale
c. Visual Analogue Score
d. Simple Descriptive Pain Intensity Scale

Question No. 35708. When NSAID and ginger are taken together they increased risk of

a. Hepatotoxicity
b. Bleeding
c. Nephrotoxicity
d. CNS Depression

Question No. 35709. Which is not a side effect of opiod Analgesic?

a. Nausea & Vomiting
b. Respiratory Depression
c. Sedation
d. Gastro Intestinal Bleeding

Question No. 35710. Which of the following gas is used during laparoscopy?

a. Carbon dioxide
b. Oxygen
c. Carbon monoxide
d. Nitrogen

Nursing Exam Questions-35701-35710- Part 2

Question No. 35711. Clinical manifestation of hyponatremia does not include

a. Altered mental status
b. Coma
c. Status epilepticus
d. Bradycardia
Nursing Exam Questions-30 Nos- 35701-35730

Question No. 35712. Sign and symptoms of hyperkalemia are all except

a. Bradycardia
b. Ventricular Arrhythmias
c. Skeletal muscle weakness
d. Decreased bowel motility

Question No. 35713. Signs and symptoms of compensatory shock are all except

a. Normal Blood Pressure
b. Heart rate 100 per minute
c. Decreased urinary output
d. Profound Acidosis

Question No. 35714. Which of the following drug is not used in management of Anaphylaxis?

a. Diphenhydramine
b. Hydrocortisone
c. Chlorpheniramine
d. Milrinone

Question No. 35715. Which of the following is not an anticancer drug?

a. Tissue plasminogen activator
b. Cyclophosphomide
c. Cisplatin
d. Bleomycin

Question No. 35716. Preoperative antihypertensive medicines should be taken in morning of surgery with ?
a. Glass of milk
b. Glass of fruit juice
c. Sip of clear water
d. Should not be taken as patient has been advised nil per orally (NPO)

Question No. 35717. All are signs of cardiac arrest except.

a. Sudden onset of unconsciousness
b. Cessation of heart beat
c. Cessation of breathing
d. Constricted people

Question No. 35718. When should aspirin be stopped prior to surgery ?

a. 7-10 days
b. 3-4 days
c. 1 month
d. 2 months

Question No. 35719. During Hernia surgery, surgical knife drops down on floor how can it be used?

a. Washing and reusing it.
b. Cleaning it with 95%a!cohol and reusing it
c. Washing it in cidex solution for 15 minutes
d. Sending it for sterilization

Question No. 35720. Warfrin activity is monitored by

a. a PTT
b. BT/CT
c. CBC

Nursing Exam Questions-35701-35710- Part 3

Question No. 35721. In a patient of Trauma what is the first step in management ?

a. Putting intracath
b. Assessing Airway
c. Getting Chest X-ray
d. Stopping Bleeding

Question No. 35722. Colour Doppler ultrasound is done to see
a. Brain tissue
b. Bone marrow
c. Blood vessels
d. Spine

Question No. 35723. Which of the following drugs is used to control blood pressure ?
a. Atenolol
b. Methyldopa
c. Clonidine
d. All of the above

Question No. 35724. A patient of head injury obeys motor commands, his M score will be
a. 4
b. 5
c. 3
d. 6

Question No. 35725. The thyroid gland secretes all the following hormones except
a. Thyroxin
b. Tri-iodothyronin
c. Glucagon
d. Calcitonin

Question No. 35726. Paget’s disease of nipple and areola is associated with
a. Encephlaloid carcinoma of breast
b. Scirrhus carcinoma of breast
c. Duct carcinoma of breast
d. Acute carcinomatosis of lactation

Question No. 35727. The patient with interstitial radium for malignant growth in the oral cavity to give radiotherapy the followings are done except
a. Should be nursed in supine and flat posture on the bed
b. A pencil and paper should be given to the patient for communication
c. A bowl should be provided to collect salvia
d. Gauze/swabs should be given to patient to wipe his/her lips

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Question No. 35728. Wharton’s duct is a duct of
a. Parotid gland
b. Submandibular salivary gland
c. Sublingual salivary gland
d. Palatal salivary gland

Question No. 35729. All statements are true about gall bladder stones diseases except
a. Pigment stones are commonest
b. Presence of Flatulent dyspepsia
c. Can cause jaundice if migrate to common bite duct
d. Can predispose to acute pancreatitis

Question No. 35730. Sudden obstruction of arterial circulation ofthe limb causes following symptoms/sign except.
a. Pain of sudden onset
b. Pallor of the affected limb
c. Paralysis of the limb
d. Feeling of warmth of the limb