JNM Hospital Staff Nurse Recruitment Interview Questions

JNM Hospital Staff Nurse Recruitment model Interview Questions

1. How would you describe yourself?

2. Where did you get your training & what certifications do you have?
3. Why did you choose Nursing profession?
4. What experience do you have in the field of Nursing?
5. Tell me about some important cases you attended?
6. Which department in nursing do you like to work?
7. What are the responsibilities of a Nurse in Hospital?
8. What is CPR? Explain?
9. What will you do first when a client with a head injury begins to have clear drainage from his/her nose.
10. What is First aid?
11. The Physician orders IV fluids to hydrate a patient. The order is written as RL 4 pints and DNS 4 pints (Total 4 liters) over 24 hours. What is the drip rate in macro drip set.
12. How do you prepare oral re hydration solution at home?