Best places for nurses to work abroad

Best country for nurses to work.

After Completing Nursing Courses whether it is Degree or diploma, every Nurses dream is to get a Job in Good Hospital. After one or two years of Experience everyone start searching a new job with good pay scale and Good hospital. Around 70 percent of Nurses want to go abroad to work as Nurse to earn money honestly in Good paying country.

Nursing is a Service but the Nurses are paid for their work, As other professionals Nurses also want to earn money to lead a good life.

What are the requirements to become a nurse?

The basic requirement to become a Nurse is Diploma in Nursing or GNM- General Nursing and Midwifery or B.Sc in Nursing. After completing B.Sc Nursing some may go for M.Sc Nursing and also Ph.D in Nursing.  But to become a Nurse Diploma in Nursing or GNM- General Nursing and Midwifery or B.Sc in Nursing is enough. The Diploma in Nursing course may be joined by a 10+2 candidate with any combination of subjects in PUC / 10+2. But to get B.Sc Degree you need Science combination in 10+2 or After completing GNM or Diploma in Nursing one may join for Post Basic B.Sc Nursing.

Best country in the world for nurses to work?

Which country has the best nurses in the world?

All countries are okay for a Nurse to provide service to a ill or needy patient. But it is better to choose a high paying and good basic facilitates providing country to lead a Healthy Nursing life. The country's like New Zealand, Denmark, Australia, United State of America, Luxembourg,  Norway, Denmark UK are paying good salaries to Nurses. Dubai, Ireland also paying good Salaries to Nurses. You need to attend the interview or write a entrance exam to get job in these countries.

Highest paid nurses in the world

Yearly Salary of Nurses working abroad is $10,000 to 60,000. The highest paid Nurses are getting $60,000 to $65,000 per anum, which is 45,00,000 to 49,00,000 in Indian Rupees.

The newly joining Nurses in Hospitals abroad get around 7,50,000 to 35,00,000 Indian Rupees per anum in highly paid countries.

Nurse Practitioners will get high salary abroad

Countries in need of nurses

Madagascar,Tanzania, Ethiopia, , Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic country's are in need of Nurses. Many Nursing agencies are providing Free Interview and Free VISA felicities to work in these countries. the Agencies will get payment for the candidate from the recruiting hospital/ country's instead of collecting money from Nurses.

Nursing jobs in abroad for freshers:

Most of the Recruiting Hospitals abroad ask at least 1 year Experience in the field of Nursing, only few hospitals or organizations recruit Nurses through agencies without experience in Hospital.

Best country for nurses to work