Nurse Practitioner in India

Nurse Practitioner in India

The  Nurse Practitioner  program  is  a  Nursing residency  program  with  a  main  focus  on  Competency  based  training . The  duration is  of two  years  with the curriculum consisting of theory that includes  core courses, advanced practice courses and clinical courses  besides clinical practicum. In service candidates can also join this Nurse Practitioner Program

Indian  Nursing  Council  believes  that  there  is  a  great  need  to  establish  a  postgraduate  program  titled  Nurse  Practitioner  in  Critical  Care  to  meet  the  challenges  and  demands  of  tertiary  health  care  services  in  India  which  is  reflected  in  the  National  Health Policy  (NHP  draft  document  2015) in order to  provide quality care to critically ill patients and families. The critical  care Nurse Practioner program prepares registered B.Sc nurses for advanced practice roles  as  clinical  experts,  managers,  educators  and  consultants  leading  to  M.Sc  degree  in  critical  care  Nurse Practitioner

An attempt has been made to propose a curricular structure / framework by  INC  towards  preparation  of  Nurse  Practitioner  in  Critical  Care ( NPCC) at  Master s Level

The  Nurse Practitioner s in  Critical Care when exercising  prescriptive authority or drug administration as per institutional protocols , they are accountable for the competency in a) Patient selection/admission into ICU and discharge  b) Problem identification through appropriate assessment c) Selection/administration of medication or devices or therapies d) Patients’ education for use of therapeutics e) Knowledge of interactions of therapeutics, if any f) Evaluation of outcome s and g) Recognition and management of complications and untoward reactions.

Nurse  pract itioner s  in  critical  care  /  acute  care , oncology,  emergency  care,  neurology,  cardio vascular care ,  and  anesthesia , can  be  prepared  to  function  in  ter t iary  care  settings.  Rigorous  educational  preparation  will  enable  them  to  diagnose  and  treat  patients  with  c ritical  illnesses  as  well  as  preventive  and  promoting  care  relevant  to  such  illnesses  and  patients’  responses to illness.

Nurses Practitioner Courses Entry requirement:

Registered B.Sc Nurse with 1 year Clinical Experience  preferably  in Critical Care Setting 

Core Courses:

  • Theoretical basis for  Advanced nursing practice
  • Research application and Evidence Based Practice in  Critical Care 
  • Leadership and  Teaching  skills

Speciality Courses:

  • Foundations of   Critical Care Nursing Practice 
  • Critical care  Nursing I  
  • Critical care Nursing II  

Advanced Practice Courses

  • Advanced  P athophysiology applied to Critical  Care 
  • Advanced  Pharmacology 
  • Advanced  Health  Assessment

In - service candidates:

I n - service candidates will get regular salary 

Nurse Practitioner Practical / Lab 

1. Preparation of  budget 2. Preparation of teaching media for patients and staff 3. Preparation of staff patient assignment 4. Development of teaching plan 5. Micro teaching / patient education sessions 6. Preparation of staff duty roster

Nurse practitioner Salary in india:

The Nurses Practitioner salary in India in the beginning is around 40,000 to 75,000 per month

Is Gnereal Nursing candidate are Eligible for this course?

No you need to complete B.Sc Nursing or Post Basic B.Sc Nursing to join this Nursing Practitioner Course


Nurse Practitioner in India - NP Salary


  1. GNM Nurses are Not Eligible for Nurse Practitioner course!

    1. No you need to complete B.Sc Nursing or Post Basic B.Sc Nursing to join this Nursing Practitioner Course


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