Industrial nurse interview questions and answers

Industrial Nurses Recruitment interview questions are different from Hospital Nurses Recruitment Questions. Most of the Industries Recruit Nurses to take care of their employees and conduct Medical Examinations. Civil Construction Industries recruit Nurses for giving First Aid care to their workers during Emergencies and to treat small injuries like Abrasion, Laceration-minor, Nail prick injuries. There will be Medical Officer in Centralized clinic and he will co-ordinate and treat the diseases like Fever, Skin allergies, Eczema. And also minor injury suturing also done by Medical Officer in clinic with the help of Nursing Officers. Earlier Nursing Staffs in industries called as Male Nurse, Staff Nurse/ Assistant Nurse. Now their designations are changed to Nursing Officer/ Nursing Manager.

Other Than the First Aid care at Industrial Site Nursing Officers/ Nursing Managers Looks Workers colony hygiene and Health related issues. The Issues noted by the Nursing Officers are reported to the Medical Officer/ Concerned Manager in the project to get it done.

Nursing Officer/ Nursing Manager Jobs are respective jobs in the Industry and they are treated with respect by other workers and staff now a days.

The Industrial Nurse/ Nursing Officer/ Nursing Manager Recruitment interview will be conducted by the Medical Officer of the Organisation and then by HR Department. The Nursing Officer Recruitment interview questions are as follows.

1. Tell Me About Yourself.
 (Answer - Tell about yourself, your Education, Experience, Hobbies etc)
2. Do you have experience in Industrial field as Nurse
 (Answer- If you have Experience in the Industrial Field then give the details, If Not Say you dont have Experience the Industrial field  but you have Good experience in the Hospital Field- If you are worked in Casualty its better)
3. What is First Aid?
Answer: Give brief definition about First Aid- First aid is immediate care given to an injured person/ Victim. The purpose of first aid is to minimize injury and In serious cases, first aid may be necessary to keep the victim alive.
4. What you do during your duty if Head Injury Occurs to a workers at working site.
5. What is Bio Medical Waste
6. How do you handle the Bio Medical Waste
7. Which is the site for giving TT Injection.

8. What all precautions to be taken to prevent spread of corona virus in work place?
9. How you can prevent Malaria/ dengue in Construction Sites.
10. Do you know how to check blood grouping.etc.
Industrial Nurse Nursing Officer Nursing Manager interview questions and answers


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