Railway Staff Nurse Exam Questions- 2019

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Question No. 1. Which one of the following viruses was exploited to create genetically engineered virus “onyx-15”, an oncolytic virus to target and eliminate cancer cells?
(a) Parvovirus
(b) Adenovirus
(c) Pox virus
(d) Herpes simplex virus

Question No. 2. The following may result in polyuria except:
(a) Chronic renal failure
(b) Hypoadrenalism
(c) Hypercalcaemia
(d) Lithium carbonate therapy

Question No. 3. What is “Solar Impulse 2”, which was in the news?
(a) A Central Government sponsored scheme to promote the production of solar energy
(b) A spacecraft sent by NASA to study a comet moving towards Sun
(c) A project of India in collaboration with NASA to study the impact of solar flares on Earth
(d) A round-the-world flight powered only by the solar energy

Question No. 4. An adult patient presents with systemic hypertension, renal calculus disease and peptic ulcer disease. Which one of the following is most likely occurrence in this case?
(a) Milk – alkali syndrome
(b) Hypervitaminosis – D
(c) Primary hyperparathyroidism
(d) Tubulo – interstitial renal disease

Question No. 5. Consider the following statements about polyarticular juvenile rheumatoid arthritis:
1. It is more common in girls
2. Five or more joints are affected within the first six months of onset
3. Uveitis occurs in 95% patients
4. Rheumatoid factor may be negative

Question No. 6. Which one of the following represents the correct sequence of vegetational
transitions with increasing latitude?
(a) Rain forest- deciduous forest- coniferous forest
(b) Rain forest- coniferous forest- deciduous forest
(c) Deciduous forest- rain forest- coniferous forest
(d) Coniferous forest- rain forest- deciduous forest

Question No. 7. An infant can sit leaning forward on his hands. He bounces actively when made to stand. He laughs aloud and becomes concerned when the mother moves away. What is his most likely age?
(a) 12 weeks
(b) 16 weeks
(c) 22 weeks
(d) 28 weeks

Question No. 8. Hutchinson sign is a feature of ocular involvement by which of the following viruses?
(a) Herpes simplex
(b) Epstein-Barr virus
(c) Cytomegalovirus
(d) Herpes zoster

Question No. 9. A very large ventricular septal defect should be operated :
(a) In school going age
(b) Only if CHF is uncontrolled
(c) Before six months of age
(d) Soon after birth

Question No. 10. Which one of the following is not included in the Preamble of the Constitution of India?
(a) Secular Republic
(b) Socialist Republic
(c) Federal Republic
(d) Democratic Republic