AIIMS Nursing Staff Recruitment Exam Questions 47021-30

AIIMS Nursing Staff Recruitment Exam Questions 47021-30

Question No.#47021. The "emergency" part of the nervous system that prepares the body for "fight or flight" is

the __________ branch

a) Parasympathetic 

b) Peripheral 

c) Sympathetic 

d) Somatic

Question No.#47022. What is the process by which an individual learns to conform to the norms of the group is


a) Social Change 

b) Social Formation

c) Socialisation 

d) Social growth

Question No.#47023. Information learned earlier disrupts the recall of newer material is

a) Proactive interference 

b) Retroactive interference

c) Retrograde amnesia 

d) Decay

Question No.#47024. Which is the first stage of general adaptation syndrome

a) Opening 

b) Resistance 

c) Alarm 

d) Exhaustion

Question No.#47025. A person with Profound levels of mental retardation falls in the IQ of__________

a) 61-70 

b) 35-49 

c) 50-69 

d) Less than 20

AIIMS Nursing Staff Recruitment Exam Questions 47021-30

Question No.#47026. Steatorrhea refers to

a) Fatty stools 

b) Watery stools 

c) Blood in stools 

d) Mucus in stools

Question No.#47027. Hassall’s corpuscles are found in

a) Palatine tonsil 

b) Lymph node 

c) Spleen 

d) Thymus

Question No.#47028. The first heart sound occurs in

a) Iso-volumetric contraction 

b) Rapid ejection phase

c) Isovolumetric relaxation 

d) Atrial systole

Question No.#47029. What is a group of people organized for the purpose of fulfilling a need or needs called

a) Society 

b) Community 

c) Institution 

d) Association

Question No.#47030. The blocking of behaviour directed towards a goal is called

a) Frustration 

b) Stress 

c) Pressure 

d) Strain