Ethiopian Nursing COC Exam questions and answers

Ethiopian Nursing COC Exam questions and answers

Question No. #1. The nurse wants to check the popliteal pulse. This pulse can be better palpated if

the nurse does which of the following things?

A. Ask the client to extend the knee.

B. Have the client flex the knee.

C. Press lightly on the right side of the front of the knee.

D. Palpate more deeply than for other pulses.

Answer: B

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Ethiopian Nursing COC Exam questions and answers

Question No. #2. Chadwick sign is

(a) Visible contraction of uterus

(b) Pulsation over abdomen

(c) Dusky hue of vestibule and anterior vaginal wall in 1st trimester pregnancy

(d) None of the above

Answer: D

Question No. #3. The nurse positioning a client after surgery will take into account that the position,

which most often predisposes a client to physiologic processes that suppress

respiration, is which of the following positions?

A. Fowler’s position

B. Prone

C. Supine

D. left side lying down

Answer: C

Question No. #4. The nurse is taking the client’s blood pressure. The physician asks for the pulse

pressure. To obtain the pulse pressure, the nurse will have to do which of the following


A. Obtain a pulse-pressure machine.

B. Subtract the diastolic blood pressure from the systolic.

C. Subtract the systolic blood pressure from the diastolic.

D. Take client’s apical pulse and subtract it from systolic.

Answer: B

Question No. #5. The part of the mind that distinguishes right from wrong and acts as a censor of behavior is known as?

• Ego

• Libido

• Id

• Superego

Question No. #6. Most common site of ectopic pregnancy

(a) Tubal – Ampulla   (b) Tubal Isthmus

(c) Ovarian (d) Cervical

Answer: A

Question No. #7. An alcoholic client experiencing burning and tingling sensations of the feet. It is suggestive of

• Peripheral neuropathy

• Wernicke’s encephalopathy

• Korkoff’s psychosis

• Seizure

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