Nursing school interview questions

The Students who are joining Private Nursing Colleges are interviewed before admission, In most of the schools they may not ask more questions related to nursing, they only ask few questions related to candidate and their academic qualification information. Here we published some questions that may be asked in Nursing colleges during interview for the GNM or B.Sc Nursing Courses. For Post B.Sc Nursing Course the Interview questions may be different from the following that may be published soon.

Nursing school/ College interview questions

* What is your Academic Qualification

*How old are you

*What is your dream job?

*Why did you choose Nursing Profession?

*Why did you choose to apply to this school?

*Is any of your friends or Seniors studying in this school?

*Do you have any certificates related to Health programmes

*Have you ever experienced an emergency at work? If so, tell me about it and how you reacted.

*What is your Goal Being a Nursing Staff.

*Have you experienced being in a situation where there was a lot of blood? How did you handle it?. Do you have fear of seing blood.


Nursing college interview questions

*Do you know what is CPR and did you see it anywhere

*What is Rabies Disease? Is there any Vaccine for it?

*What is Covid 19 Fever. Is Any of your family Members or Friends suffered from Corona?

*What all Precautions to be taken to prevent Corona Virus Spread?

**Are you tested Covid-19? and What is the result?

*What is the Quarantine Period for Covid-19

**Who is Florence Nightingale?

What is Nursing Care? 

*Is Nurses can treat Patient?

*What is Malaria Fever and How it spread?

*Are you interested to continue Education in Nursing Field?

These are the Common Questions may be asked during the interview of a Candidate who is going to Join Nursing Course like Diploma in Nursing-GNM or B.Sc Nursing

Nursing Interview Questions