Multiple choice Nursing Exam Questions with Answer published by on 07/07/2017.

Question #1. Which of the following is the appropriate route of administration for insulin?
a) Intramuscular
b) Intradermal
c) Subcutaneous 
d) Intravenous

Answer: c) Subcutaneous 
Question #2. Energy selected to defibrillate ventricular fibrillation (VF) using monophasic defibrillator is:
a. 200 J
b. 300 J
c. 360 J
d. 380 J

Question #3. There are many different nursing education programs throughout the world
that prepares nurses which of these program is type of basic Nursing Programs
a) Diploma/Certificate Programs
b) Baccalaureate Degree Programs in Nursing
c) Master's Degree Programs in Nursing
d) Doctoral Programs in Nursing

Answer: b) Baccalaureate Degree Programs in Nursing
Question #4. The nurse is preparing to take vital sign in an alert client admitted to the hospital with dehydration secondary to vomiting and diarrhea. What is the best method used to assess the client’s temperature?
a) Oral
b) Axillary
c) Radial
d) Heat sensitive tape

Answer: d) Heat sensitive tape

Question #5. At the end of the shift, the nurse realizes that she forgot to document a dressing change that she performed for a patient. Which action should the nurse take?
a) Complete an occurrence report before leaving.
b) Do nothing; the next nurse will document it was done.
c) Write the note of the dressing change into an earlier note.
d) Make a late entry as an addition to the narrative notes.

Answer: d) Make a late entry as an addition to the narrative notes.

Question #6. Bradycardia is heart rate less than
a. 60/min
b. 70/min
c. 80/min

d. 100/min


Question #7. A client has been admitted to a nursing home, and the nurse completes an assessment. Which finding might lead the nurse to suspect a nutritional alteration?
a) Eye clear
b) Shiny hair
b) Ridged nails
d) Moist conjunctiva
Answer: b) Shiny hair

Question #8.To assessment of immobilized patient focus on the following except
a) range of motion
b)activity tolerance
c ) body alignment
d ) Psychological condition

Answer: d ) Psychological condition

Question #9. Active ingrediant in ‘Cidex’ solution is:
a. Iodine

b. Chlorhexidine
c. Glutaraldehyde
d. Propyl alcohol


Question #10. An instrument placed against a patient's chest to hear both lung and heart sounds.
a) stethoscope 
b) otoscope
c) sphygmomanometer
d) telescope

Answer: a) stethoscope