KEA GNM Staff Nurses Recruitment 2016 Question paper with Answer Pdf

KEA GNM Staff Nurses Recruitment 2016 Question paper with Answer Pdf

The Previous Question Papers of KEA Staff Nurse/ Nursing Officer Examination conducted in the year 2016 requested by many candidates who are appearing for 2023-2024 Nursing officer Examination Jayadeva Hospital. Here we published the Questions from 1-50. Remaining Questions with Answers available at Part II

 1. Mortality means

 (B) Death rate

2. Name of the tiny air–sacs in the lungs :

 (C) Alveoli (D) Bronchus

3. The umbilical cord consists of

 (A) Two arteries and one vein (B) Two veins and one artery

KEA Nursing Officer Exam Model Question Paper 2024

4. Power house of cell is

 (D) Mitochondria

5. Presence of albumin in the urine is termed as

 (C) Albuminuria (D) Dysuria

6. White Blood Cells are responsible for

 (A) Phagocytosis (B) Pirocytosis

7. Personal hygiene comprises :

 (C) Both Physical health & Mental health

 (D) None of these

8. Following are the principles of nursing, except


 (B) Equality

9. Which of the following symptoms are due to food poisoning ?

 (D) All of these

10. Active immunization should be given for whooping cough :

 (A) DPT (B) BCG

11. Society determines of the state

 (B) Purpose

12. Collapse of the lung is called as

 (C) Atlectasis (D) Anoxia

13. The most common cause of intestinal obstruction is

 (A) Adhesions (B) Hernia

14. Formation of a permanent artificial opening is known as

 (C) Ostomy (D) Plasty

 Final Key 3 Answer

15. The type of antagonism are

 (D) Competitive

16. A good local anesthetic agent should not cause

 (C) Fast onset and long duration of action

17. While giving CPR for an infant, the depth of compression should be

 (B) 0.5–1 inch

18. The new–born stomach capacity is


19. The most common phobia in clinical practice is

 (C) Agora phobia (D) Claustro phobia

20. Which of the following is the last resort to control external bleeding ?

 (C) Use of tourniquet

21. Treatment of delirium tremers is

 (B) Chlodiaxepoxide (D) Respiridon

22. Normal duration of pregnancy (in days) is

 (C) 277 Days (D) 300 Days

23. Common sites of bedsores are

 (D) All of these

24. Which of the following is a fungal infection of the feet ?

KEA GNM Staff Nurses Recruitment 2016 Question paper with Answer Pdf

 (B) Athelete's foot disease

25. Tolerance and drug resistance can be consequence of

 (B) Increased metabolic degradation

26. The term gastric lavage means

 (A) Aspirating the fluid from stomach

27. Infection of middle ear is called as

 (C) Otitis media (D) Labyrinthitis

28. Malaria is transmitted by

 (B) Mosquito

29. Physiological reaction of emotions are

 (D) All of these

 Final Key 4 Answer

30. The most common symptom of laryngitis is

 (A) Hoarseness (B) Sore Throat

31. The main component of assessment are

 (D) All of these

32. Commonest site of brain abscess :

 (B) Frontal (B) Frontal

33. Eradication means

 (D) Elimination of organisms

34. Downs syndrome is

 (A) Duplication of chromosome 21

35. Depression, anxiety and substance abuse in adolescents are

 (D) All of these (D) All of these

36. Epistaxis means

 (B) Bleeding from nose

37. Decrease in heart rate is

 (B) Bradycardia

38. Thinking is also known as

 (C) Cognition (D) Perception

39. Which one of the following should the client with multiple sclerosis be warned to avoid ?

 (D) Cold temperature

40. Which of the following is not a thermal agent of burns ?

 (C) Acid (D) Nuclear Radiation

41. The graft of the patient taken from his own body is called

 (A) Autograft (B) Allograft

42. Which of the following is not caused due to obesity in adults ?


43. Rigor of mortis means

 (C) Stiffness of body after death

 Final Key 5 Answer

44. Birth weight doubles at

 (A) 5–6 Months (B) 7–8 Months

45. Hardest substance of the body is

 (A) Bone

46. Sociology as a subject deals with

 (A) Man & society (B) Human Association

47. Average weight of placenta is

 (A) 500 gm (B) 250 gm

48. Number of deciduous teeth is

 (A) 20

49. WHO concept of health stresses on

 (D) All of these

50. Disinfection means.

 (A) Destroying of all the pathogenic organism